Let APM quote on your next scheduled docking and see for yourself the difference.

APM offers a competitive and stress-free alternative to the other yards in Southeast Asia and elsewhere thanks to the low labour rates in the Philippines and skilled English speaking workforce headed by European super yacht experienced managers. For full support and peace of mind, APM is your best choice.

There are vast cost savings to be had, compared to European and U.S. yards since we can offer half the costs of some yards in Asia while still providing the reassurance that the work being completed is according to the standards set for super yachts.

As a result of long-standing relationships with the premier shipyards, suppliers and contractors in the Philippines and in Hong Kong, combined with their own multi-skilled work force, APM can effectively and efficiently manage any maintenance, refit or drydock work from conception to completion. APM's relationship with the shipyards also allows them to take their own highly-trained and yacht-experienced personnel into the yards to oversee work and carry out confidential jobs, all based on today's world class superyacht standard. This close working relationship with the dry-docks managers and workforce results in a better quality and stress-free process that delivers in terms of cost savings and quicker turnaround time.

APM also operates an open book accounting policy and have trustworthy reliable personnel who have a vast knowledge and understanding of the standards of cleanliness and safety that discerning clients expect.

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